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We bring you the best prices around for state-of-the-art 2TB portable external hard drives.

A 2TB external drive, like those for sale here, is a wonderful innovation which allows you to store all your important data safely via a USB or Firewire connection to your computer.

We feature the most popular brands for these high capacity drives including Western Digital's My Passport range, Buffalo, Freecom, Verbatim, Seagate, Toshiba, Expansion, Samsung, LaCie, ioSafe, Elements, Imation, Hitachi, Hewlett Packard, Sonnics and Transcend.

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Many of these hard disk drives are designed to stand upright on your computer desk, while others are the horizontal type which can be placed in various locations including on the top of a PC desktop unit. 

There's a wide range of colours available so it's quite easy to find one which matches your computer and monitior - popular choices of colour include black, white, grey, blue, green, silver, chrome, purple and pink.

Apart from the obvious extra storage space, there are at least two other considerations to be made when buying a 2TB external drive, namely portability and data security. 

A large storage capacity hard drive designed to keep your data safe, even from natural disasters, will invariably be quite bulky compared to a standard USB flash drive - but most people won't want to move a 2TB drive away from their PC too often anyway, even though the option is there when required. 

These sophisticated drives come with a variety of internal and external features and some even have the option of being bolted down to minimize chances of theft, and almost all have a one year data recovery warranty. 

Most computers will recognise a 2TB external hard drive, and connections problems, if any, are resolved relatively easily. 

Connection to most computers is very straightforward - however, you need answers to certain questions if you plan to connect your drive to a television. Does the TV actually support a two terrabytes drive, or do you need one with a lower capacity? 

What kind of partition does the television support? You will be limited to the size - and, therefore, the quality of a video file - if it supports only FAT32 and not NTFS. 

What kind of connector do you need to sync with the TV? 

As far as computers are concerned, these monster capacity drives normally connect via a USB 2.0 port which is standard on most modern PCs and laptops - but if you have a USB 3.0 port, you will be able to use the superior data transfer speeds that this feature offer, namely a staggering maximum transfer speed of  5gbps. 

There is also the Firewire option whick is convenient for most laptops. Prices of a cheap 2TB external hard drive will vary from around £70 to £100 buy you can expect to pay considerably more for a  top quality drive with very high specifications. 

Factors that determine price are reliability, speed, which is related to the type of connectors offered, and data security. If you have an old set up and do not wish to upgrade, you may want to settle for a less expensive and slightly slower drive. 

In that case, you do not need one that supports the faster USB 3.0. In terms of speed, eSATA is the next choice (3gbps). However, your drive will come with an additional connector for a power source to make it work. 

If that appears cumbersome, you will have to decide whether you really want the extra speed. There is one thing that you do not need to worry over, and that is cache. 

Cache is a buffer between the external drive and your computer, and it does not really affect performance to any significant extent. 

Installing a second hard drive inside your desktop is cheaper, but many people have reservations about doing it on their own or calling for professional help. 

Also many people like the appeal of knowing their external drive - containing a back up of all your precious documents, data, photos and video - is separate from their main computer device should disaster strike and the their PC fouls up and won't boot.

Now that video streaming is available online, many people require a large storage unit to hold their gigabyte-munching movies and TV shows - that's where a two terrabyte drive can really come into its own. 

There are also options to buy a 1TB external hard drive but the extra storage capacity with the 2TB version is most welcome and won't cost that much more. Other popular sizes these days are 3TB and 4TB portable external drive but these will take a big chunk out of most people's bank balance.

It does make sense to opt for the type of extra storage that does not have installation problems, and can double as a rather large, if harder to carry, USB memory stick. 

With the progress in technology, programs are getting larger in size, and so are media files. Getting a 2TB external drive is certainly a good choice if you wish to move with the times. 

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